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  • Ahmad & Manal's Family

    Ahmad & Manal's Family

    Ahmad, along with his wife Manal, and three young sons, Zen, Zayd, and Amir, will become the organization’s 15th Habitat Homeowners after their long search for a wheelchair-accessible home. With help...

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  • Tanya's Family

    Tanya's Family

    Tanya was thrilled to learn she was selected to be Habitat's 14th Homeowner family, along with her son, Alexander, and grandson, Onyx. The tri-generational family of three currently rents an...

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  • Samantha's Family

    Samantha's Family

    Samantha, and her daughters, Michaela and Rylee, were excited to learn that they were accepted into Habitat’s Affordable Homeownership Program and could look forward to their very own home. The...

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  • Tracy's Family

    Tracy's Family

    Tracy, her mother, Carol-Anne, and her daughter, Riddley were chosen as Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste. Marie & Area's 12th Habitat Homeowners. "I'm proud, I'm honoured and I'm also scared...

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  • Jocelyn's Family

    Jocelyn's Family

    “Decorating and putting up our very first real tree in our brand new home and knowing it was the first of many was the greatest gift we could have asked...

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  • Danielle's Family

    Danielle's Family

    Danielle notes, “The first thing we will do is hang a sign that say, ‘Beindigain’ which means ‘come in’ in Ojibwe.” As a single mother, Danielle looked forward to a...

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  • Casey & Jeff's Family

    Casey & Jeff's Family

    Casey never had a place to really call home growing up. She remembers living at more than 20 residences and going to 13 elementary schools. Cassey lived in Sault Ste....

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  • The Larouche Family

    The Larouche Family

    “We are the Larouche family. We are Habitat Family #8. We started our journey in the fall of 2014 and closed our journey to becoming official homeowners in 2019. Our...

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  • Steve & Janice's Family

    Steve & Janice's Family

    Steve and Janice are our 7th Habitat Homeowners, having moved into their Habitat Home in 2013. Janice said she and her family - her husband Steve, and daughters, Megan and...

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  • Michelyn's Family

    Michelyn's Family

    A Habitat Home was a dream come true for the Michelyn's Family. The 1,200-square-foot high-rise bungalow was a big step up for the Michelyn and her family, a family of...

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  • Sophia's Family

    Sophia's Family

    Sophia and her daughter Emma said goodbye to uneven floors and uncomfortable room temperatures when they became our 4th Habitat Homeowners in 2011. “I feel proud that I put the...

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  • Anita's Family

    Anita's Family

    Anita and her three children, Paris, Jared, and Jade became our third Habitat Homeowners in 2008. The family lived in several rental homes before applying for a Habitat Home. "I...

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