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The Larouche Family

“We are the Larouche family. We are Habitat Family #8. We started our journey in the fall of 2014 and closed our journey to becoming official homeowners in 2019.

Our process was long and we had many bumps in the road, but the end of our new beginning was worth it all. We completed above and beyond our 500 hours – almost all at the Habitat ReStore.

We met so many amazing people along the way – people on the build, people at the ReStore, and people in the community. When you’re a part of Habitat, you’re a part of a family. So many people come together for your family and that is an amazing feeling. We had an extra special bond with Penny… She went above and beyond for our family. She was our voice, our advocate, our fire, and we couldn’t have gotten through the journey without her.

Our welcome home ceremony was a wonderful day. Having so many people, family, friends, and even the mayor come out for our family to show their support and officially welcome us home was so special.

Home is where love is, where memories are created, and where laughter never ends. Having the stability of having a house, of having something to give to our children, of always having a safe space is a blessing we will always be grateful for.

We are thankful for Habitat being a part of our journey to success and walking a chapter of our story alongside us. We have a happy, healthy family, a safe place to call home, and are surrounded by wonderful family and friends. We are so excited for the future and all the blessings it will bring. We cherish every moment and we couldn’t ask for more.”

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