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Samantha's Family

Samantha, and her daughters, Michaela and Rylee, were excited to learn that they were accepted into Habitat’s Affordable Homeownership Program and could look forward to their very own home.

The family currently rents their home, and Samantha notes that increasing rent prices, heightened cost of living, having ever-hungry mouths to feed, and other personal circumstances have pushed her dream of homeownership further and further into the future.

“This year alone had one issue after another hit me in waves, and it’s made that goal of taking the next step in life feel impossibly out of reach. [I’ve been] stuck in a current – life situations were pulling me away from that goal of having a home,” explains Samantha.

This opportunity at affordable homeownership will allow Samantha to focus on her family’s future and her educational goals.  She looks forward to smudging her new home as soon as she moves in.

“I can’t say that this opportunity is the only way I [could] ever own a home … I might still win the lottery or find out I’m secretly adopted and I’m really a princess. Or I could work multiple jobs to save enough for a down payment when I’m 50. I’m just as likely to star in a reality TV show or wake up with the ability to sing,” Samantha jokes, “This Habitat Home lets me be right here, right now, in this lifetime, with my children, enjoying a home. Together.”

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