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Tanya's Family

Tanya was thrilled to learn she was selected to be Habitat's 14th Homeowner family, along with her son, Alexander, and grandson, Onyx.

The tri-generational family of three currently rents an aging townhouse in need of many repairs.

Tanya has been working hard to achieve her dream of homeownership, juggling two jobs in addition to raising her family. With high rental costs, unplanned expenses associated with raising children, and a lost rent-to-own opportunity, homeownership wasn’t in the cards – until now.

“I have spent my whole adult life struggling to secure a home for my family – constantly having it be just out of reach. This is a dream come true,” says Tanya.

Tanya says she looks forward to having a safe home to raise her son and grandson, and to finally have a place to “build roots”.

“It will reduce the stress of home security – [I can] ensure that it is properly maintained as I can make changes, repairs, and know that it is completed and safe,” states Tanya.

When asked about the first thing she’ll do upon moving into her new home, Tanya states, “Breath – deeply. I will organize and finally be able to plan ahead knowing that we are securely home and settling our roots. I want to have a big dinner to have the family together to celebrate our fresh start.”

Tanya, along with her friends and family, will complete 500 volunteer hours with Habitat for Humanity Sault Ste. Marie & Area as a condition of moving into their new home. They will also complete seven homeowner education modules led by Habitat’s Family Services Committee volunteers.

“I am surrounded by so many supportive people who want to help me secure a positive path forward in my life – with home security being a priority,” explains Tanya.

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