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Excess inventory? The Habitat ReStore can help!

Did you know that the Habitat ReStore offers FREE (one-time or recurring) pick-up services for donations from local businesses?

Our ReStore provides a solution for local businesses who are looking for an eco-friendly and socially responsible way to deal with:

  • Excess or overstock inventory
  • Discontinued product
  • Scratched, dented, or mispackaged merchandise
  • Aging or out-of-season inventory
  • Return to vendor items

Our ReStore picks up items with a usable life and recycles them back into the community. We also recycle electronics and scrap metal, keeping it out of landfills and helping us raise funds to build safe, decent, and affordable homes in our community. 

The goal of Habitat ReStores is to raise funds to enable more families to partner with us on their path to affordable homeownership. Our ReStore’s success relies on our community members and businesses, and supporting our Habitat ReStore is a mutually beneficial endeavor.

Benefits of donating to the ReStore

Donating to Habitat is a win-win solution for local businesses and our community:

  • Be recognized as a ReStore Partner, Donor, or Sponsor
  • Avoid paying costly commercial disposal fees
  • Get your product picked up for FREE
  • Gain back valuable warehouse space
  • Write off items as a charitable donation
  • Make an environmentally responsible decision by keeping your products out of landfills
  • Help build safe, decent and affordable homes for local families in our community

How do I get started?

Donating to the ReStore is easy, green, and good for your bottom line! Call (705-941-9646 ext. 221) or email Sean Bishop, Assistant ReStore Manager, to schedule a pick-up.

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