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Organic Bone Meal Fertilizer Spikes

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Jobe's Organics bone meal fertilizer in a convenient, easy-to-insert spike that requires no mixing or measuring. Make your plant care easier with fertilizer spikes. Pre-measured and ready for use.

  • Low odor, feeds directly at the roots delivering vital organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium
  • Promotes strong root systems, and beautiful blooms, helps prevent blossom-end rot
  • All natural, slow-release formula feeds for up to 8 weeks with no wasteful run-off


For best results make sure the ground has been recently turned and loose push spike completely into the soil and cover with soil. Apply twice per year early spring and late fall.
For bulbs - Place one spike per bulb approximately 2 inches away from bulb water well after application.
For established plants - Place spikes evenly spaced around the drip line of the plant using the chart located on the back of the package. 

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