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KidsKraft Boulder Bluff Playcenter

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The Boulder Bluff Playcenter is the perfect setup in the backyard to get out some wiggles and let lose some giggles. With the must-have belt swings and wavy slide, this outdoor wooden playset is already providing tons of active play. But notice the newly added surf swing and arched ladder for some extra-fun challenges. Kids can pretend they're skimming the waves or the ski slopes on the stand-up surf swing with soft-touch rope. And scaling the curved rungs of the ladder makes the ascent into the cozy chalet even more exhilarating. The upper deck is covered by a canvas roof and walls that make it a great clubhouse atmosphere that provides both independence for kids and security for parents. The included shelf could be used as a small writing area, a place to store toys, or a small workbench. Below is another hangout spot—a super-cool hammock. Secured on all four sides, it gives kids a place to rest their bodies while still activating their imaginations. It's a great area to read a book, listen to music, or pretend you're on a raft floating down a river. Whichever activity you choose, you'll always encounter adventure!

What's Included?

  • Ladder
  • 1 Slide
  • Trapeze Rings
  • 3 Swings


  • A 48-inch canvas-covered deck provides a shaded spot to play or rest
  • Cool surf swing is a new stand-up feature
  • Curved ladder for a more challenging way to climb
  • Hammock underneath makes a nice place to chill
  • Thrilling wavy slide makes exits as much fun as entrances
  • Made of longer-lasting wood materials for safety, durability, and great aesthetics
  • EZ Kraft Assembly for less build time and more play time

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