Size Large (L) Work Gloves with Innovative Pillow Top Advanced Fingertip Protection

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Dig It Handwear is an innovative utility/garden glove with a patent pillow-topped protector. Sewn into the inside of each finger, Dig It Handwear provides the ultimate protector for DIY projects, yard work, sports, and gardening. The breathable, washable, recycled fabric can be easily laundered and Dig It Handwear ensures comfort with its’ fitted design. Available in 4 sizes…Dig It gives you the freedom to “dig deep”.

  • Revolutionary interior pillow top protector built inside each fingertip to maximize protection.
  • Innovative Industrial Patent specifically for enhanced protection, comfort & dexterity
  • Washable, breathable and water-resistant
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Ideal for any DYI projects, gardening, sports, seasonal cleanup

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