Indoor 7-Day Digital Outlet Timer


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  • ENERGY-SAVING DIGITAL OUTLET TIMER: this 7-day digital outlet timer helps you automate indoor lights, fans and other appliances only at the times you need them, thus letting you enjoy energy savings
  • EASY-TO-USE SETTINGS: there are up to 20 on/off settings daily on this digital countdown timer outlet, making it effortless for you to personalize the settings that suit your energy requirements
  • EASY-TO-READ LCD DISPLAY: this timer digital outlet has a big LCD display screen that lets you read effortlessly
  • RATINGS FOR DIGITAL TIMER OUTLET SWITCH: 125 volts, 60 Hz/10 Amp, 1250-watt resistive/10 Amp, 500-watt tungsten / 4 Amp ballast
  • PROGRAMMING MANUAL INCLUDED: the electrical outlet timer with digital timer has its manual stored in the instruction slot for easy reference
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