Indoor 24 Hr Digital Outlet Timer


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The Indoor 24HR Digital Timer turns plugged-in device ON/OFF at programmed time. Perfect for indoor lighting and lamps, seasonal lighting, and small appliances, the 24HR Digital Timer controls power down to the minute. The 24HR Digital Timer is programmable to turn ON/OFF at set time, with the setting repeating daily so you can worry about one less thing and focus on what matters. The Timer features one (1) polarized outlet in a large LCD digital display, making it easy to set and read. The small compact design of the timer will not block the secondary outlet and allows you to maximize your space. Additional settings include Random mode to deter crime and increase your home security while away. The plugged-in device will turn ON/OFF within set Random time frame. Rated for indoor use and compatible with CFL, LED, and incandescent bulbs. Maximize your energy savings and decrease your electricity costs by using power only when needed.

  • Programmable to the minute with daily repeat option
  • Timer Settings repeat Daily
  • 1 polarized outlet
  • Use with LED, CFL and Incan bulbs
  • Controls lights from one single switch