Ergonomic Cane – Medium Height


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The ErgoActives Tucane® Ergonomic Cane is a revolutionary product that provides support to areas that traditional canes cannot. Tucane® will move forward with the user’s leg while they advance. It can be adjusted to the user’s exact height, and the Tucane® cap will automatically adjust while walking, simulating the ankle joint. The ErgoActives Tucane® Ergonomic Cane is also able to provide better support for the user’s back due to the correction in posture, something that other canes have not been able to do. The Tucane comes with three height adjustment tubes that allow the user to set the preferred size.

  • Grip absorbs the vibration from the cane’s impact with the ground
  • Mimics the hip’s natural movement while providing stability at any angle
  • Automatic spring system technology pushes the cane forward as the user walks
  • Helps to reduce spinal injuries and back pain by providing the user with a proper posture
  • Soft rubber handle and shock-absorbing design reduces impact and prevents inflammation of the joints