Parabolic Louver


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Liteline PL1-24 SP-S – Specular Silver Plastic Parabolic Styrene Louver (cell size: 1/2″ × 1/2″ × 1/2″) – 23-3/4″ × 47-3/4″The unique design of Parabolic louvers represents the most sophisticated form of fluorescent lighting control in the lighting industry today. Optically perfect mirrored parabolic shapes are designed to reflect maximum light within 0°-45° working zone and shield glare zone. The brightness control provides efficient illumination while eliminating the discomfort and eyestrain normally associated with source brightness and glare.

Para-Lite 1 incorporates the typical design features creating the same low-key appearance often associated with incandescent downlighting. A soft understated visual image is produced by the small cell (1/2” x 1/2” x 7/16”) overall louver pattern. Regardless of source intensity or size, the Para-Lite 1 permits complete brightness control within normal viewing angles.


  • Areas using CRT/VDT terminals
  • Office buildings
  • Hospitals

Dimensions = 47.75 x 23.75″

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